Suffering fools

A website dedicated to the 'clowns' Ohps sorry, I meant valued customers whose attempts to diminish a company's name through the web have totally backfired.

Julie Cross teacherSay hello to Julie and Steve Cross Cranebrook Close, Crewe, Cheshire.

Steve and Julie from Crewe (let's call them ' Dulaman ' them for short shall we? - People who throw stones and all of that). Speciality: psychoanalysis of their intended victim. It's an awful shame that their expertise couldn't stretch to filing a simple form to the court. What a pair of fools, they really only have themselves to blame.

Lesson No. 1 'harvest me, harvest me'
Let's recap on those details again Julie and Steve Cross, Cranebrook Close, Crewe, Cheshire

Lesson No. 2 'reciprocal links'
Listing someone's website (even with a disparaging comment) elevates it up the search engines.

Honestly Steve Cross, education doesn't account for common sense. Really I would stick to the clogs; they may just draw attention away from your shiny head. Honestly Steve Cross, education doesn't account for common sense

Moving on, Dulaman 'An Original Talented Acoustic Band from Cheshire UK', I am ashamed to have to bring these clearly gifted individuals into this whole messy equation but I am sorry Julie and Steve but your brought this on yourselves. Read on………'I want to make sure that I have your correct identity and address. My information is that you are (deleted) (d.o.b. deleted)- wife of (deleted) (formerly deleted) - father of (deleted) - all residing at (deleted)'. Anyone with an ounce of decency DOES NOT bring children (particularly infants) into their distasteful world of harassment, intimidation and blackmail.

Folk and Morris Dancing, what is this all about? Clog dancing?Character analysis: Steve Cross from Cranebrook Close, Crewe, Cheshire holds a doctorate in psychology, Julie Cross works at Wood Nursery and Infant School (AKA Willow Wood Nursery). An ODDFELLOW and couple indeed. Folk and Morris Dancing, what is this all about? Clog dancing? Dealing with these people is like wanting to slit your throat. Threats abuse, not against an individual but levied towards your spouse and offspring, these are in my opinion very bad people indeed. I read on-line about Folk, Clog and Morris dancing and music, I am sorry but this makes me more suspicious about their character and integrity; having first hand experience of Crewe and Nantwich and Cheshire in general I can only conclude that their dull lifeless existences have been drawn into a Bizarre web of weird dancing fetishes out of necessity to add some life to their otherwise dull existences.

Join me by asking these people to put their perverse lives out of their misery, to disband their strange folk music and Morris dancing tendencies and to join us back in the real world.


Content edited after the kind intervention of Mr. Steve Cross; thank you very much indeed for your critical analysis and spell check from all of us in the REAL WORLD

Steve and his wife Julie would like to remind you that they are always available for wholesale family intimidation (infants a speciality). Or if you simply require a grown man to dance around your garden naked ring Crewe 01270 211491